Hello! I'm Fido from fido-the-st-bernard, and this is going to be my blog where I answer any and all of your questions smut or not. I used to enjoy meeting new people and having new *ahem* "experiences", but the life of an adult is a demanding one. So now I just mostly stay here in my log cabin with my freeloaders. I'll let them introduce themselves.

Hello! I'm Sidney! I'm a fennec fox! I moved in with Fido back when he was first starting to meet new people. He saved my life when we first met, so I make sure to "thank" him for it as often as I can. I used to go around meeting people too, but lately I've found that I can still have fun here at home. You can ask me anything you want. I'm pansexual and a HUGE nympho. If it weren't for my housemates I'm sure I would go crazy from being pent up. If you guys are good, maybe, I'll share a little bit about what goes on behind these walls~

Well that's typical of her. Yo. The name's Vic. Me and my twin started living here just a few of months ago, right before Fido decided to stop going out because he was starting to get uncomfortable with meeting so many new people as well as his work load piling up. Anyway. Me and my little bro are both mice, and although I may be shorter than that slut over there, at least I've got bigger tits. I like the ladies more than the fellas, but I'll admit that sometimes you just gotta have a good deep dicking. You know what I'm talkin' about girls? *winks* Hey, Val! Tell these folks a bit about yourself would ya!?

Vic... You forgot to tell them that we're blonde mice... H-hello... I'm Val. I'm not as good at this as everyone else. Um... I like guys, but I just don't have it in me to resist a woman if she really wants to use me, especially not my sister... Vic likes to tell people I'm her sister a lot because I like to where girl's clothes, but I just think they suit my small body better. Um... If you promise to keep it a secret I'll also tell you a little something else... *blushes* I th-think I h-have a crush on F-fido. *covers his face*

Mun: Every so often there will be short stories that show the canon storyline of the characters. These may be NSFW or SFW depending on what's taking place. Feel free to ask questions whether smutty or not. This blog is anon friendly, for now.

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44.A random fact about anything







Calming CAT!

oh my god it is calming

i think we could all use some calming cat right about now.

He’s back! Welcome back, calming cat. You are always welcome here.

Everyone should know of calming cat.

this is the thing that you have to tag because you’ll have to wait 8264589672 years to find it again







Calming CAT!

oh my god it is calming

i think we could all use some calming cat right about now.

He’s back! Welcome back, calming cat. You are always welcome here.

Everyone should know of calming cat.

this is the thing that you have to tag because you’ll have to wait 8264589672 years to find it again

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One thing I’m learning while trying to write this second part is that writing smut and erotica is easy because you can use porn logic to make the story flow. But writing a story that doesn’t focus on sex is harder because you have to make the interactions and introductions between characters more believable.



What if furries where real?

I would be the happiest woman alive

And I would be the happiest man alive

Runaway Ratón (part 1)

The summer in the mountainous area was unusually hot and humid. This resulted in a nice accumulation of morning dew that would slowly steam in the early mornings. And on one particularly steamy morning a young mouse girl woke from a restless sleep. As she opened her bloodshot eyes she breathed in a ragged breath and roughly, loudly sighed in a way that sounded, and indeed was, more like a grunt or a groan. She lay on her bed, the blankets and sheets which were enthusiastically kicked onto the floor earlier that night still lay in a great pile. Her petite, nude, body was soaked with sweat in a way that her fur stuck to her skin, and her hair was completely disheveled. The bags under her relatively young eyes added at least five years to her appearance. Her naked tail was the only part of her that was even slightly cool.

As she started to move to get up she realized that the left side of her body seemed to be much hotter and heavier than the rest of her. She relaxed her neck and let her head flop to the side to see where this annoying heat and weight was coming from. As she did so she was met with a mass of tangled blonde hair that was the same shoulder length as her own. From this mass of hair she could feel hot breaths washed over he shoulder and chest. She groaned again at the realization of what this ‘thing’ weighing her down was. It was no other than her twin brother whom had crawled into bed with her during the night while she slept. He too was completely unclothed, but this didn’t phase the mouse girl because of the taboo relationship that she had with her brother. She would usually not say anything about this childish habit of his, but right now she was hot and she was pissed.

Her brow furled and her eyes narrowed as she looked at how peacefully her brother was sleeping. Reaching up with her right hand she summoned all of the strength she had and swung her body to the left. The air around her open hand woosh’d as she brought it firmly and brutally down on the bare ass cheek of her twin. The resulting noise sounded like someone fired a low caliber handgun that echoed throughout the room. A scream was released as Val’s back arched and he reached down to grab the assaulted part of his body. As his weight lifted Vic pushed her brother off of her and the bed as she yelled, “GET THE HELL OFF OF ME YOU ASSHOLE!!!.

As Val landed on the clump of sheets and blankets he writhed for a bit at his rude awaking and choked out through teary eyes, “Wh-what did I do!?” As he lifted himself up to look at his sister her foot caught him in the shoulder and floored him again. He closed his eyes as his shoulders connected with the hardwood floor, and when he opened them he was looking directly at his sister’s mousey vag. She had stood up with her feet on either side of Val’s shoulders and was continuing her glare from earlier.

“‘What did you do!?’” she screeched. “It’s hot as bawls in this damn house as it is with that mangy mutt lettin’ the air conditioner go out, and then I try to get a little comfort from this fuckin’ heat by sleepin’ bare assed, only to wake up and find that my sissy little bitch of a brother is laying on top of me!” When she was finished ranting she was huffing and puffing with more sweat dripping off of her as she continued to stand over her twin.

While between her legs he retorted, “B-but… it was so hot, and it felt so lonely in my bed… You’ve never gotten mad at me for sleeping with you before, so why are you mad now?” His gentle and calm voice was completely the opposite from from his sister’s screechy, whiny, frustrated voice.

"It’s just… Ya don’t… Ugh! You’re so stupid! Don’t even talk to me today! Just stay the fuck away from me!" With that she stormed away from her bed and brother and went into the hallway so that she could use the bathroom and take a cold shower. She was willing to do just about anything to stop being so hot.

Vic entered the bathroom without so much as a single knock. As she sat on the toilet to take a piss she heard an annoyingly familiar and sultry voice. “Hey there sweet cheeks~” She turned her head and saw the face of a white fox with long ears peeking at her from behind the shower curtain. Sidney had heard the commotion in the mice’s bedroom and thought that she would have a little fun when one of them came out to use the bathroom. She too was soaked with sweat from the hot night, and even her tail was starting to droop. She had hid in the shower and when she heard the door open she was surprised to see that Vic was coming in absolutely naked. She had always had her eye on the mousette but Vic could always see through her bullshit and never wanted any part of her.

"Oh great! What tha fuck do you want ya bitch?" She kept peeing despite the unwelcome visitor, and as the sound of her relieving herself filled the bathroom Sidney simply smiled.

"Don’t be that way, Vic." she said in her extremely chipper voice that she always used when she wanted something. With a smile still spread across her muzzle she added, "I was just thinking since it soooo hoooot this morning us girls could share a nice cold shower together." She leaned in closer as the sound of running water started to die down, and with a secretive voice whispered into Vic’s thin round ear, "And the boys don’t even have to know~"

At this point Vic was too hot to put up with Sidney’s antics. When she finished peeing she reached between her legs and wiped herself with her bare hand. Then she shot Sidney a furious look and pulled her hand up. Drops of urine flung from her fingers as she brought her hand through the air. This was the second loud smack heard in the house this morning, however this slap was punctuated by a wet snapping sound as well.

"I’ve told you a thousand times and ya still don’t fuckin’ get it, do ya?! I like women, but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna sleep with every two bit nympho slut who tries to hit on me! I’m not some piece of meat to be played with and you’d best fuckin’ learn that!" By now she had stood up and was glaring at Sidney who had her hand to her cheek and a look of utter shock on her face. Realizing that she may have gone a bit far, Vic turned around and shouted, "Aah! This is all bullshit!" She jerked at the faucet on the sink, and when the water started coming out she ran her hand underneath to rinse her urine off. Then she stomped out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind her!

As she was stomping back to her and Val’s room Fido was coming up the stairs. Noticing that one of his house guests was naked in the hallway, and because if all of the commotion that he had been hearing he asked, “What’s going on up here?” His voice was calm and steady filled with more curiosity than accusation, but that didn’t matter to the teenage mouse. When she saw the big anthro St. Bernard all she saw was the perpetrator of her misfortune. ‘This is all HIS fault!’ she thought to herself. ‘If this big galoot would have made sure that the air conditioner was working right then I wouldn’t be so pissed off right now!’

Fido noticed Vic’s death stare and asked, “What’s wrong? And more importantly why are you naked?” Fido had gotten up early that morning and made a phone call to one of the humans that he trusted. He had asked him if he could buy the part that he needed to fix the air conditioner, and was waiting for the man to show up. Unbeknownst to Vic, Fido was having the hardest time with the heat. The breed of dog that he had been turned into was much better suited for cold environments, and his long thick fur caused him to overheat easily if he couldn’t cool down every so often. The others were lucky; they had been spliced with animals which had thin coats, and therefore the heat wasn’t as much of a problem for them, but for Fido getting too hot could literally kill him.

It was a simple question. But with the morning she was having Vic blew up on Fido just as she had her brother and Sidney. “What’s wrong? WHAT’S WRONG!?” At this point the sound of running water came from the bathroom, but that didn’t stop Vic. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong ya stupid mutt! It’s been three days since the air went out and all you do is keep acting like everythin’s fine! Everything is NOT fine! It’s hot as hell, I can’t fuckin’ breathe, I’m covered in sweat, and to top it all off everyone is decidin’ ta hassle me today! I wish you all would just leave me tha fuck alone!!!” She turned to her door and kicked it open. When it swung back it caught Val, who was standing right behind it, right on the nose. He had gotten dressed in a light purple t-shirt that had the word “PRINCESS” embossed on it and a pair of baggy shorts. The blow knocked him onto the floor and caused him to let out a loud cry of pain. As he writhed on the floor he held onto his nose which had started to bleed profusely.

"Why’re ya standin’ right behind tha door you fuckhead!?"

Seeing Val hit the floor Fido yelled in concern, “Valentine!” He hopped the last two steps on the staircase and rushed to help the much smaller guy. He pushed Vic out of the way and sat Val upright. He grabbed Val’s hand and placed it on his bleeding nose. “Tilt your head forward and keep holding it shut for now!” Fido instructed the petite mouse boy. He helped Val to his feet and rushed into the hallway bathroom where Sidney had started her shower.

She thought that she may have gone a bit too far with her flirting, but she saw no reason whatsoever that Vic should have piss slapped her. She made a mental note to have a talk with Fido about Vic once she cooled down and washed the urine from her face. She could still hear everything that was being yelled about through the door so she turned the water on and started to wash herself up. Not ten minutes into her shower the door was flung open as both Fido and Val rushed inside. The two men were so preoccupied with the blood that was dripping all over the place that they didn’t even register the presence of the naked and wet fox girl behind the shower curtain.

"Keep leaning forward!"


"What the hell are you guys… Valentine?! Fido, what happened?!"

Fido had turned on the cold water in the sink and was holding Val’s head over it as slimy blood and tears fell from Val’s face. The purple shirt that he had put on already had multiple drops of the deep red liquid on it, and was pretty much ruined. He was groaning and crying from the intense pain in the center of his face, and his eyes were blind with tears, but he could still her Fido’s concerned instructions.

As he was holding him over the sink, Fido heard the sound of the shower curtain being drawn and saw Sidney soaking wet with one cheek glowing slightly red through her soft white fur.

"Vic kicked their door open and caught Val right on the nose."

He reached down and cupped his padded hand so he could fill it with water the best he could. He then brought his hand up and let some water splash Val’s face. He looked over at Sidney and noticed that she was still just gawking and said, “Hey Sid! Earth to Sidney!” He waved his hand in front of her face until she came out of her gawking trance. She looked at him and asked, “Oh! Right! What can I do to help?”

Fido replied, “That’s more like it. I need you to hand me a clean wash cloth.” As he said this Sidney pulled the shower curtain back the rest of the way and stepped out of the tub. She opened a small cabinet and produced a fresh, white wash cloth. Handing it to Fido she watched as he let the cold water from the faucet soak the cloth, and then saw as Fido held it to Val’s face. This made the mouse boy’s gurgled cries if agony only worse, but the cold sensation did help to relieve some if the pain.

"Just let all of the blood drain out." Fido instructed Val. Then he turned to Sidney and said, "Watch him for a bit. I’m gonna go have a word with our little tantrum thrower." The big bernard walked out the door as Sidney grabbed a towel and covered herself. She then started to rub Val’s back and comfort him.

Fido left the two alone in the bathroom; he figured he shouldn’t have to tell Sidney to keep her sex drive in check right now, but he was a little worried. He went to the bedroom of the twin mice and expected to see Vic laying on her bed, ready to pop off about how none of this was her fault, and how her brother should have known better than to be standing so close to the door. But when he looked around he didn’t see any sign of her. He looked under the bed, in the closet, and even in the rafters, but it was clear that Vic wasn’t in her room. He went back and told Sidney, asking if she knew where she might have gone, but Sidney had no idea. She did however suggest looking in all of the bedrooms including the one that was still empty. Fido nodded and then did a thorough sweep of the house, but still couldn’t find her anywhere. As mad as he was he was starting to get a little worried. Then he had a thought and muttered to himself, “Don’t tell me…” He was in the living room when thought hit him so he bolted up the stairs and back into Vic and Val’s room. He went to the closet therein and noticed the small travel bag that Vic had when Fido first took her and her brother in was missing, and there were a few more clothes hangers on the closet floor than usual.

"Oh no." He quickly went to bathroom and noticed that Val had stopped crying and it looked like the flow from his nose had all but stopped. He went and rubbed Val’s back as he addressed Sidney, "I think Vic ran away."


I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog is not dead! Inspiration has struck, and I am currently writing a new story to share with you fine fetishitic folks!